Creativity is an act of turning dreams into reality. To create is to bring something into existence or cause something to happen.

This summer let your child discover that they can be a cause for something wonderful to happen in this world.


As human beings we access only 3% of our innate potential. Children have infinite potential and a creative environment helps them harness that. Creativity gives the freedom to kids to explore their infinite side, and develop some life saving skills while they are at it. Below are some of the amazing benefits.
Self Expression, Self Awareness, Working in a Team, Applying one’s learning, Planning, implementation,
Communication and relationships, Concentration and discipline, Self Respect and Respecting others Problem Solving and decision making and the LIST GOES ON…

Creative Explorium is a space of creation, which empowers children to bring their inner experiences to life to express all that is special, unique, fantastic, magical about them. It is a space that help them learn how to build their dreams. Aashwasan brings together a conglomerate of passionate teachers for whom creativity is a way of life, whether its theatre or music, their art runs in their blood. This summer allow your child to take a journey where they learn that they can create and build their dreams.

You can choose one or many of the activities this Summer

History of Art (10yrs–14yrs)   Theatre (8yrs–18yrs)   Improv (Theatre) (12yrs–16yrs)
Mixed Martial Arts (6yrs–15yrs)   Poetry and Creative Writing (12yrs–16yrs   Puppet Making and Story Telling (8yrs–14yrs)
 Exploring Music (10 yrs–16 yrs)