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Aashwasan Unprecedented Breakthroughs

Aashwasan has achieved unprecedented breakthroughs in the areas of health. Tools and techniques invented by Rashmi Aiyappa are offered as Services through Aashwasan. These services have transformed thousands of lives recording unprecedented breakthroughs in 29 areas of concerns of health.

These breakthroughs have been possible through Aashwasan Science® as the tools and techniques of Aashwasan Science® re-establishes the two way communication between the mind, body and soul. All conditions have an origin and this origin is traced through a root cause analysis in every individual. Through Aashwasan services, the individuals mind-body-soul mechanism is enabled and empowered to identify, revisit, address and overcome these patterns at its origin. A process of reversal is initiated. The extent an individual recovers from the condition varies from person to person. The outcome or the result has been quantified as preventive, curative, coping or management (enabling individuals to be functional with the condition) and palliative.

29 Areas of Unprecedented Breakthroughs

In Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health Concerns for the first time in the world are

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Please note that many of these can also be applicable in animals.