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“I learnt despite my education” says Mark Twain. Ironically, many people will agree with this. Very few people associate education with development of the self. Very few people associate their education with a process of self discovery and passion. Instead, it is a source of stress because they are constantly expected to perform. When they become adults they find out that the formal education (being a major part of our child hood and adolescence) had very little to do with how their life turned out. While we long for the innocence of childhood, our educational experience of math, science, physics, language and literature is something we rarely wish to repeat. Our interaction with education is associated more with fear and anxiety rather than enthusiasm and excitement.

Most educational institutions statistics show that only 15% of the students attain distinction, another 70% fall into a bracket of average to mediocre, and the rest are bracketed as failures. Interestingly, the children who fall into various brackets maintain the status quo through their academic life. Many CEO’s, entrepreneurs, successful businessmen, inspirational leaders talk about their performance and how little it had to do with their education. In fact, many will go as far as to mention that they were mavericks or notorious as children and got into trouble very often. Others will talk about their disillusionment till they were able to control their own life.

All of us need to take a serious step back and reconsider the platform we are providing our children. We need to consider if we are empowering them to bring out their talents, achieve their dreams, identify, explore and express their uniqueness to be happy and fulfilled human beings or crippling them with belief systems that focus on survival and are based on fear.

Humane Science is a breakthrough program created to redefine education. Education in today’s world is an objective process without a humane foundation that leads to mindless learning. Learning can be creative only when the humane aspects are involved. The mission of Humane Science is to redefine education to nurture individuals who can inquire, enjoy and seek excitement in creating. It is a tool that empowers individuals to experience knowledge in their own unique way.

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