Enhancement and Empowerment Services

Many individuals want to discover and express their innate potential unfolding a deeper experience of oneself. An indivdiual may associate this path with their career, effectiveness, relationships, health, talents, growth and much more. Many of us are driven from a need to have a more meaningful, fulfilling and a happier life. We want to balance different aspects of our selves – our family, our profession, our talents and much more to expereince harmony and peace. For this very purpose Aashwasan brings in a range of enhancement and empowerment services.

Empowerment and Enhancement Services helps a person bring out their unconscious and unexplored infinite self. Individuals experience possibilities of life as their innate potential is brought out. The empowerment and enhancement services support an individual in their Career Choices, Personal Growth, Relationship Issues , Professional Growth, Work – life Balance, Wellbeing Programs and Exploration and experience of their life’s purpose.

Career Choices: Passion, talent, interest and skill are closely related. Studies were conducted to understand what can truly motivate a person to be their best. They found that a person performs at his peak when that person seeks to master an area of their interest. An area that they are passionate about. When this is true, individuals do not feel bogged down by obstacles, they are confident of themselves and constantly experience a state of flow. An individual’s key motivation is self satisfaction. Aashwasan leads individuals to discover and identify a career that they are passionate about. A career in which an individual would be inwardly motivated to engage in, derive satisfaction from, learn and grow, discover one’s innate skills and talents etc. A career that brings joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. Excellence, then is a mere indicator of an individuals passion. Aashwasan brings in various spiritual science services to facilitate an individual to identify, explore, express and experience a right career for them. [click to contact us]

Personal Growth: Individuals are multidimensional beings. To experience life completely we need to experience relationships, explore our skills and talents, build a career, contribute something to society, develop our hobbies and many more. Some of us start searching for meaning behind everything that we do and things that are happening to us, some of us want to become better human beings, some of us are seeking peace… All in all, there is an internal drive to grow, to be more than we are, to become better… not in comparison to anything around us, but just to live more of our infinite side everyday. Aashwasan facilitates this very unique journey for each individual who seeks it. Individuals are guided, mentored and handheld to discover and unfold their infinite life. [click to contact us]

Relationship Issues: All of us yearn for harmony is relationships. We want to be understood, heard, loved and accepted by others. The closer a person is to us, the more we want these things from them. We seek to understand ourselves through their eyes. Relationships, ideally are also about mutual growth. However, many times we find that aspects of relationships are in discord. There are times relationships are abusive in nature. Different relationships but the same experience. Aashwasan brings in its services to support individuals, family’s, couples, friends to resolve relationship issues. Aashwasan services help people break away from abusive, malfunctioning and toxic relationships; resolve feelings of pain, hurt, anger, resentment, bitterness etc. that bring discord in relationships; by leading individuals to know that each one of us is entitled to receive love and can love, unconditionally. This helps individuals reconnect to the true essense of a relationship bringing harmony in them. [click to contact us]

Professional Growth: Every individual aspires to do well professionally. We aspire to do what we are good at – we want to experience our talents and develop our skills, we constantly take challenges and want to meet them. Achievements at work are significant as they go beyond survival and help us develop self confidence. It helps us trust in our own ability, it teaches us to collaborate with others. The most vital aspect about our work is that that it is our way of contributing something meaningful to the society. Therefore work goes beyond 9 to 5 enagement and signifies a vital expression of who we are. Aashwasan brings in various services to coach, mentor, guide individuals playing various roles in an organization to realize their professional potential. Aashwasan also builds deep collaborative relationship with organizations to nuture the talent within it. [click to contact us]

Work – Life Balance: Most indviduals believe that they will be fulfilled and happy when they fulfill all the roles they play in their lives – professional and personal. Many strategies have been explored to help people attain work life balance including time management, taking a vacation, quality time with family etc. Yet the burn out rates and incidence of issues related to lifestyle stress is on the rise. This is because the root cause is elsewhere. The primary reason for this is lack of expression of our true selves. We allocate tremendous significance to the roles that we play vs who we truly are. It is not unusual for a person to sacrifice his/her dreams to keep others happy by being a good daughter or a mother, a husband or a father. We start living by what society expects from us rather than what makes us deeply happy. Balance and harmony is restored when we start to accept all forms of expression of who we are, i.e. all roles are important and significant in their own place. We are not roles, but a role is an expression of an aspect of our self. When this realization comes from deep within, when we deal with whatever is not allowing us to experience this truth harmony is restored. We automatically prioritize, plan, manage and execute all aspects of our lives effectively. Aashwasan brings in unique services to take charge and restore harmony and balance in their lives. [click to contact us]

Wellbeing Programs: Wellness as stated by WHO is not absense of disease, but refers to a state of mental and physical wellbeing. Wellbeing programs in Aashwasan focus on deeply enhancing a persons overall quality of life. It leads a person to explore deep aspects of themselves. Wellbeing programs leads a person to expereince a life whose purpose is more than just survival. A life which is a creative expression of self and not a mechanical pre-defined existence. Aashwasan wellbeing program’s objective is to help people go deeper and explore hidden aspects of themselves. These programs brings deep self awareness. As Individuals go deeper with the program, they slowly become aware of the relationship between thier emotions and health. Their dreams and the career they choose to follow. Their choices and life experiences etc. They realize that human beings are not fragments put together, but a seamless whole. Everything that we know, think, feel and experience is interrelated. It brings to one’s awareness that it is we are the one’s who shape our own lives and hold the key to our own experiences, our health; our life. Thereby wellbeing programs bring a deep acceptance of oneself and one’s life empowering the individual to live a life of choice… with freedom and responsibility. [click to contact us]

Exploration and experience of their life’s purpose: To many, a deep process of self-inquiry becomes a way of life. Their thinking is predominated by trying to experience and understand themselves, life, universe and God more deeply. Many of individuals want to know the purpose behind their existence and creation. Who am i? Why am I here? Is this all there is to me? The answers to these profound questions cannot be given in words, but can only be experienced in one’s life. Aashwasan services facilitates an individuals journey to experience his/her infinite self. It helps them find answers to questions, convert dreams to reality, find beauty in imperfection, find purpose behind coincidence, experience infinity from within. [click to contact us]