Love and Bonding Services

The universe is a large communication system which is infinite and beyond time. Human beings are creations that are a part of this large communication system. We are connected to the universe through an infinite communication channel. This communication channel, is referred to as the “soul”, the “divinity within” to name a few. In creation, the knowledge of the universe and creation comes in form of experience to human beings. Each person experiences this knowledge in their own unique way. Over evolution we have lost the awareness of this infinite connection to the universe and live in a mechanical existence of mind and body which are merely tools of experience. For every human being that exists, they are meant to experience knowledge in a certain way. This is the experience of our life. Living a mechanical life we loose the memory and attribute the need to experience a particular universal knowledge to wishful thinking or dreams.

Every creation or every human being has an origin and every human being has a destination. Between the origin and the destination lies the experience or journey of life. Love and Bonding is a truly unique experience that takes people to their origin. People witness what their lives were created to be in a moment. All aspects that are not a part of one’s true self are shed in a moment. Being in touch with their creation (experienced as love) people experience a deep bonding with all creation (environment, animals, people etc). All things change in a moment.

Love and Bonding also suspends free will of a human life and for a few moments the communication channel with the universe is pure, seamless and infinite. This is the communication channel that creates experiences for people. As the communication channel is pure, deepest dreams, wishes, hopes and desires are manifested as experience. Love and Bonding is unconscious in nature. People experience the moment in their own unique way. There is a distinct before and after love and Bonding. In time, deepest wishes of a person at the time, manifest as reality. A dream becomes real.

Love and Bonding is a very special service offered to families.

1. Love and Bonding exponentially enhances the connection of love among the family members anchoring them in it. Individuals of the family let go of hurt, suffering, grudges and pain.

2. Unhealthy and toxic patterns in relationships are dissolved. Love and Bonding can help individuals make a new beginning in relationships.

3. To resolve family patterns that create heredity disorders/conditions.