Health Services

Aashwasan’s path breaking tools and techniques are used to assess diagnose and address the root cause of various health issues.

Aashwasan tools and techniques are used to diagnose and address the root cause of various health issues. This is done by putting people in touch with their infinite potential thereby restoring the optimal mind-body-soul mechanism. As a result individuals transform physiologically, psychologically and spiritually. Aashwasan has achieved 29 unprecedented breakthroughs in addressing physiological and psychological health at preventive, curative, coping and palliative levels. The transformation brought through Aashwasan services in an individual sustains for the rest of his/her life. Following are some of the health areas addressed through Aashwasan Services.


The prevalence of genetic conditions is going up by the year. More and more children are born with known and unknown physiological and psychological issues. There are hundreds of such conditions but some of them are Downs syndrome, Angelman syndrome, etc. Aashwasan has recorded breakthroughs in metabolic and condition that step from mutations in the genetic format. Aashwasan services can bring high levels of coping and preventive health solutions for issues that are related to eliminated genes and chromosomal defects. It is to be noted that every person responds differently and the benefit experienced by clients is not only condition based but person based. The results stated above is based on work done so far.

Degenerative Conditions
Psychological & Psychiatric Conditions
Lifestyle Stress Issues
Genetic Conditions
Neurological Issues
Chronic Conditions
Undiagnosed Issues
Untreatable Issues

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