Aashwasan’s journey to reach out and touch lives has seen no boundaries since its inception. Aashwasan’s journey does not work as a strategy plan, but it works as it is led to work. Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa who was born with the expereince of the universal phenomenon leads the journey of Aashwasan as per natures plan. There is a time and a place, where people are meant to meet her, a time and a place when they come in touch with Aashwasan. Almost as if nature conspires for that moment to be. Aashwasan’s growth has also followed natures plan, reaching out to individuals, corporates, groups all over the world. Almost as though there could be no material boundaries that were a constraint in Aashwasan reaching out to transform a life. Aashwasan has had the priviledge to reach out to thousands of individuals world wide, transforming their lives. Certain countries became a focal point as members from that country found their calling to serve the Aashwasan as their purpose. Currently, Aashwasan is present in the following locations.