Aashwasan spread from Australia to Srilanka through a mutual contact. The contact given was Ms. Mariza, now an integral part of Aashwasan Team, who had organized various events on a global platform. She created a platform for Aashwasan’s launch in Srilanka in the year 2006. In Oct 2006 Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa travelled with her team to Srilanka. Before she could arrive, articles about her visit, her work were out in the papers. Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa addressed a large group of overflowing participants in an awareness program held in Parsi hall, sharing her profound journey bringing hope. Individuals from all segments of society found hope in Aashwasan services. The ten day visit were booked out, wherein Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa along with her team reached out to countless Srilankans. Many went back feeling solace and hope. The gratitude and the journey of people from Srilanka was simply overwhelming. Aashwasan continues its presense and association with Srilanka through planned visits. Organizing events and hands on services are done during the visits. Srilanka clients are supported from India headquaters.

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