Organizational Offerings

Aashwasan’s unique and customized solutions for organizations address issues at the root cause level bringing unprecedented results. They enable individuals and groups to identify, explore and express their innate talents and skills. Aashwasan offers individual services, group services and workshops for individuals and groups at strategic, tactical, executive level and Individual levels. Aashwasan organizational offerings are based on Aashwasan Science® tools and techniques. They lead individuals and the organizations experience their maximum potential.

Strategic Support Services

Exec Offerings:

A person’s influence is directly proportional to the number of lives tied to the person’s choices. The consequences of that choice affect not only the person who makes the choice, but also all those who carry them out. Today, C level execs which include CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, COOs and CMOs hold positions of significant influence. With this power comes tremendous responsibility. Each decision impacts hundreds or thousands of lives. Analytical decisions are transparent and visible, whereas decisions made on gut or based on feeble instincts are not always transparent and justifiable. Top executives rely more on decisions that are transparent and very often dismiss decisions that have an instinctive or spiritual basis. Unfortunately, most effective real world decisions involve a combination of analytical, spiritual and instinctive aspects. Executive offerings guide the executive through the process of decision making by integrating all these 3 aspects.

Exclusive Exec Package

The exclusive exec package is offered to the executives of an organization. This is a one time package designed to assist executives to make key decisions. Continuous assistance is covered in exclusive exec sustenance package.

Strategic support services are meant for:

  • Key Decision making
  • Joint ventures
  • Acquisitions
  • Bonding between stake holders
  • Mapping the right candidates
  • Need analysis

Project / Issue Based Package

In routine situations, it is easy to make a decision or take a call on the basis of past experiences and one’s faculties. Unique situations and crucial events that have a greater impact on the system require careful direction. Leadership quality becomes crucial in such situations. While the Exclusive exec package is offered for a short duration, project and issue base package are offered over a longer period of time. Typically this service is used for the duration of the project.

Exclusive Exec Sustenance Package

Leaders face situations and problems continually in their business environment. While Exclusive Exec Package helps in resolving a single situation, Exclusive Exec Sustenance Package, assumes that the leader would be faced with continual challenges and would need continual assistance in tackling these situations. This package can be availed after Exclusive Exec Package or Project/Issues based package. Typically after the Exclusive exec package or the Project/Issues based package, the practitioner sets plans for growth and future objectives. These are tracked and monitored continually in the Exclusive Exec Sustenance Package.

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Need Analysis

Assessing the right need in an organization at all levels is crucial to the success of the organization. Conventionally, this has been done based on the performance appraisals and informal gathering of information. Need analysis needs to be performed in a holistic manner involving all the stakeholders of the organization- senior executives, middle management and the staff. Need analysis also takes into account, the AS-IS situation, the goals, and aspiration of the various stakeholders, the current energy levels, culture and predispositions of various individuals. This calls for new perspectives in understanding the need and defining the path to the goal- i.e. a combination of spiritual, behavioral, psychological and organizational perspectives. A complete understanding results in the organization achieving the goals much more effectively.