Organizational Offerings

Aashwasan’s unique and customized solutions for organizations address issues at the root cause level bringing unprecedented results. They enable individuals and groups to identify, explore and express their innate talents and skills. Aashwasan offers individual services, group services and workshops for individuals and groups at strategic, tactical, executive level and Individual levels. Aashwasan organizational offerings are based on Aashwasan Science TM tools and techniques. They lead individuals and the organizations experience their maximum potential.

Tactical Support Services

Leadership Program:

While it is the senior executives who carry out the business and decide the strategic direction of the organization, it is the middle managers who mobilize the resource to make the vision of the company happen. The senior executives make crucial decisions, which are of no value if the middle managers and operational managers falter in implementation. The Executive packages guide the senior executives in making correct strategic decisions. The Leadership programs on the other hand help the operational managers in making well considered tactical and operational decisions.

Leadership Sustenance Package:

Leadership sustenance package is a continuation of the Leadership program. The Leadership program is a one off package, while the sustenance package is designed over a longer period of time. This package is availed only after the Leadership program.

Tactical support offerings are meant for:

  • Vision alignment
  • Leadership mentoring
  • Team building support
  • Talent identification
  • Crisis management interventions

Leadership Mentoring Programs:

The challenges faced by today’s leaders are enormous and most of them are pushed to the limits of decision making. Insufficient information, decision making under uncertainties, facing up to consequences and increased impact of their decisions are making it harder to make correct decisions.

The true essence of today’s leaders can be encapsulated in the 4Cs- Clarity of thinking, Courage of action, compassion and, conviction. All four are needed for the leader to feel grounded, make strong and correct decisions and implement them boldly.

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Individual programs

Can the 4Cs be learnt? Can these skills be acquired and sharpened? We would like to invite you to experience the growth in all the key aspects of leadership. Through our Leadership Mentoring program, we help you to tap into your infinite self and enjoy the great talents and potentials that lie within you. The Leadership mentoring program brings out the best in you and connects you to the deepest part of yourself. When you start listening to this aspect of your existence, all the 4 Cs come very naturally in a graceful flow

Aashwasan Leadership mentoring program, impacts all aspects of your existence- the Unconscious, subconscious and the conscious bringing a permanent and sustained shift.

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