Organizational Offerings

Aashwasan’s unique and customized solutions for organizations address issues at the root cause level bringing unprecedented results. They enable individuals and groups to identify, explore and express their innate talents and skills. Aashwasan offers individual services, group services and workshops for individuals and groups at strategic, tactical, executive level and Individual levels. Aashwasan organizational offerings are based on Aashwasan Science TM tools and techniques. They lead individuals and the organizations experience their maximum potential.

Executive Support Offerings

Aashwasan Life Transforming Programs

Organizations spend billions of dollars in improving soft skills of their employees. Most of the training programs are conducted over a short duration of time. Good programs generate an initial high and then over a period of time subside to the existing behavior pattern. Many organizations have started questioning the effectiveness and viability of programs like “Self Assertiveness” or “Communication skills” and the likes. What is clear is that one time programs do not help. It raises the awareness, but does not internalize the skills in the participants. Over a period of 3-4 months, the effectiveness of the program drops to insignificant levels. Some organizations do follow-up sessions to sustain the effectiveness of the program. These do improve the effectiveness, but nowhere near the levels of skills required or desired by organizations. The net result is billions of dollars spent, but no significant change in the skills of the employees.

Executive support offerings are meant for :

  • Workshops / Labs
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Vision alignment
  • Creative enhancement
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Self awareness

Most of the training programs address issues at the conscious level. The impact on the subconscious level is a result of the efforts put in by the individual. The initial excitement does not get translated into deep rooted impact. However Aashwasan services, leave an impact at the unconscious level of existence. As a result the changes happen over a period of time and are sustained and permanent.

ACES offer various workshops for top senior management and executives of an organization. These tried and tested experiential techniques adopt habit-forming practices that are aimed at bringing about a permanent behavioral change in an individual, eventually leading to personal well being and of course guaranteed success .

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Strategic support offerings

Tactical support offerings

Individual programs

ACES life skill programs offer skills for life. Aashwasan Life Transformation programs (ALTP) transforms people at the deepest level and brings about a permanent shift. These include

Transformatory Counseling:

The offering is used to explore and bring out the exact root cause in an individual’s life that enables them to fill the gaps and reach a true and complete understanding of themselves. This tool is used for individuals and the corporate. Types of Transformatory Counseling

1. Cope

2. Xplore

3. Nlight