Organizational Offerings

Aashwasan’s unique and customized solutions for organizations address issues at the root cause level bringing unprecedented results. They enable individuals and groups to identify, explore and express their innate talents and skills. Aashwasan offers individual services, group services and workshops for individuals and groups at strategic, tactical, executive level and Individual levels. Aashwasan organizational offerings are based on Aashwasan Science TM tools and techniques. They lead individuals and the organizations experience their maximum potential.

Individual Support Offerings

Aashwasan Retreats:

We seek to reach out to nature when we want to connect back to ourselves. There is a deep knowing within all of us that it is nature that can rejuvenate us, help us find ourselves. We seek the silence outside so that we can hear the whisper of our inner voice. Aashwasan retreats are designed to connect us to the silence within, so that we may hear our inner voice, rejuvenate and lead a life that we were meant to irrespective of our situations, circumstances, problems and obstacles. Aashwasan offers three types of retreats – Spiritual Retreat, Wellness Retreat and Corporate Consciousness Retreat.

Individual support offerings are meant for :

  • Expression of their unique talent in their work
  • Permanent behavioral change

Aashwasan Executive Coaching Services:

Attitudes, beliefs, trapped emotions, suppressed emotions such as anger; resentment can dramatically impact the performance of an individual. Organizations need to address these issues not at a symptom level but at a root cause level. This can be done only if change can happen at the subtlest aspects of an individual. Aashwasan addresses the problems at the core level. Aashwasan services leave an impact at the unconscious level of existence. As a result the changes happen over a period of time and are sustained and permanent.

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Customized Services for Individuals:

Individuals behavior and performance is a result of complex set of emotions, circumstances, beliefs, thinking and more importantly experiences. These patterns of experiences has a deep impact on how a person conducts his life, experiences stress, makes decisions, manifests talents, manages relationships and therefore performs. Aashwasan brings customized individual programs for individuals. These programs help individuals identify, explore, express and experience their inner potential. This facilitates organizations and individuals align their visions and dreams.