Our Approach

Rapid change in technology has changed organizations

The human race is facing a dilemma that was unthinkable a few centuries back. The pace of evolution has quickened. A 10th century Roman would not have been out of place in the 15th century Italy; most of the things would have been the same. But transplant a 19th century Britisher into the Britain of today, and he will be completely lost. Technological progress in the last 500 years has equaled the progress 50,000 years before. Progress made in the last 50 years is more than the progress made in the past 500 years.

At Aashwasan we just asked – Given the rate of evolution and increasing complexity of the environment, how can we make the individuals cope with the situation, and be effective while doing so? What services can equip individuals able to solve today’s problems?

It just needs a shift in individuals, wherein individuals feel connected with themselves; they learn to dream and to hope. Individuals need to experience oneness with environment around for them to experience themselves and their potential. We understood that If we want to make people happier, more effective, more efficient, and more productive, lead a healthier and a meaningful life we have to transform people. Our vision at Aashwasan is therefore to transform lives by leading individuals to explore their infinite self”

This requires understanding people at deeper levels and addressing issues at the root cause level. Studying and understanding behavior alone is not enough as it is only a symptom or expression of what is going on within. Aashwasan understands that spiritual aspects carry the key as it drives life’s experiences therefore behavior and performance and needs to be addressed.

Aashwasan adopts a holistic transformation approach and brings about shifts at all levels of a person. Spiritual tools bring about a shift in the unconscious that manifest as behavioral changes. Creative and enhancement services approach focuses on the conscious to bring about a permanent behavioral change. Both these approaches are adopted to suit the need of the client. The holistic approach addresses the root cause of the situation to bring about the necessary learning and growth in individuals and organizations.

Our solutions consists of variety of tools and techniques that are organized into individual and group services. As the problems are breathtaking in nature, the services are also unconventional.

Aashwasan Services

A combination of tools and techniques are offered as services to individuals, groups and organizations. The services for organizations have been classified broadly into three categories:

Organizational Offerings:

Our solutions explore the business, strategic, tactical, spiritual aspects of various individuals and enable the executive to make the right decisions. Our solutions are designed to address the needs of an organization and recommend appropriate and effective solutions. These offerings include individual services as well as workshops for group of people at strategic, tactical and executive level. [Click here] to know more

Organization Wellbeing Packages:

The progress of an organization depends on the well being, bonding and progress of the people. These packages are designed to address people’s lifestyle concerns taking them and their environment into consideration. [Click here] to know more

Aashwasan Corporate Social Responsibility:

Every one deserves a good life – a healthy, happy and purposeful life. And everyone desires it. As part of Aashwasan’s social responsibility, Aashwasan foundation reaches out to have-nots to bring hope and happiness in everyone’s life, thus empowering their lives and uplifting their spirits. [Click here] to know more