Our Approach

A human life is seamless communication between the soul, mind and the body. Soul constantly sends messages; the mind captures these messages and communicates it to the body for it to act. The mind and the body manifest messages from the soul as experiences. However, through evolution this seamless communication has altered. Only 3% of the messages sent by the soul is captured by the mind. These messages then are interpreted by the mind and translated to the body. These messages are incomplete. Today, the soul is considered an abstract experience by the mass.

This results in lack of clarity, lack of sense of self, sense of purposelessness, confusion, psychosomatic disorders, degenerative illnesses, lifestyle issues such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, allergies, developmental disorders, psychological and psychiatric conditions to name a few. Most of the time a person is born with an optimal functioning of the body and mind. But, due to the evolutionary change as we grow we are unable to access our original life pattern (also connected with our inability to access our optimal gene format) thereby acquiring life patterns that lead to physiological and psychological conditions. This also affects our relationships, work and choices we make in our lives.

Aashwasan services restore the seamless body-mind-soul connection. As a result the mind-body recognizes its optimal mind-body-soul mechanism and restores its optimal functionality naturally. Physiological and psychological issues get resolved; people are able to explore and express their talents. Body awareness increases tremendously. Aashwasan services for individuals are therefore holistic and addresses a person’s entire life pattern. This manifests as dramatic changes on physiological, psychological and spiritual levels transforming an individuals life.