Organization Wellbeing Packages

Love And Bonding Workshops

The productivity and effectiveness of a team is most often determined by the bonding within the group. For example if the levels of conflict within a team is high, the effectiveness of the group is severely compromised. Love and Bonding workshops creates an amazing level of bonding and empathy within a group. These workshops help in permanently resolving the interpersonal conflicts of the various individuals in a group.

Lifestyle Stress Program

Human beings are being subject to continual stress and strain in their workplace. The human system was probably never designed to take this additional load. Continual typing on the keyboard stresses the finger and the hand muscles (RSI – Repetitive Stress Injury). Glaring at the computer strains the eye. Bad postures and sedentary life styles lead to injuries to the physical and the mental system. Shift in work styles and unhealthy working hours affects the biological clock and alters the metabolism of the body. The work culture today creates deep psychological problems and disorders. This besides being a serious deterrent to the progress of the organization also leads to an unhealthy culture. The Lifestyle Stress Program addresses the core issues faced by the individuals in an organization. This is a comprehensive program involving many disciplines. The program is customized based on the specific needs of an organization.

Environmental Awareness

Forget everything and sprawl out in the beautiful expanse of nature. Put aside your routine chores and mundane pursuits and let the amazing theatre unfold in front of you and transport you to a different world. Savor on the rare delights that the ever-creating nature has to offer. Share moments of solitude and revel in the quiet of nature. Listen to what it has to say, say what you want it to hear, merge in it, and discover the oneness between you and the nature. Being aware of one’s ecology helps one understand the connection with nature. Following are some of the environmental awareness activities undertaken:-

  • Walk in the woods
  • Buzz world
  • Bards in the backyard
  • Every leaf has life
  • Dance to the tune of nature
  • Play with nature
  • Capture the natural beauty