What We Do

Aashwasan is here to bring about overall systemic change in the society by contributing to the following areas:

1. Health and Wellbeing: Conventionally, diagnoses and treatment of diseases and illnesses usually takes into account only mental and physical aspects. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of a person is lost in the disease. Aashwasan brings in a holistic understanding of the body, mind and soul mechanism to bring out root cause analysis and offers solutions to heal and cope. Diagnosis and treatment services are offered independently and in complement to various other systems of medicine.

2. Education: Education is a structured way of gaining knowledge. Learning creates a foundation for people to bring out the best expression of themselves. Aashwasan brings in collective shift in thinking, identifies and empowers a child’s unique essence and communicates the same to the school on individual as well as systemic level to establish the best method to cater to unique developmental needs. Aashwasan offers workshops and programs to bring about permanent behavior change in individuals to live a life of meaning.

3. Social Issues: An individual contributes to the culture of the society, and society contributes to the growth of the individual. It is a symbiotic relationship. Individual inclinations, choices and lifestyle spiral into social issues over a period of time. Crime, addictions, depression, unequal economic distribution etc. are creations of individuals as well as society. Any crime is a symptom, for instance, and can be controlled only if the root cause is addressed. Aashwasan offers its services to do root cause analysis and come up with apt solutions/ remedies/ treatment to address and overcome the issue. Aashwasan offers initiatives like One Ray Club, Aashwasan Well Being Association (AWA) etc. Campaigns have been undertaken by Aashwasan to fight against depression, addictions, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Anorexia, child abuse, high competitiveness in education, inequality in opportunities for mentally and physically challenged, socially and economically underprivileged etc.

4. Research: Understanding root cause is the first step to recovery. And understanding of the root cause merely through conventional methods falls short of real diagnosis because without taking an individual’s own mechanism into consideration fetches one an incomplete assessment. Aashwasan integrates human science and objective science to bring about a complete and accurate understanding of the human life. Objective sciences (medical science, physical science, etc) focus on the mechanism of a system. Aashwasan’s approach is to study the system along with various disciplines to devise holistic methods of root cause analysis, prevention, treatment and researching on all levels of existence. A big component of our research also scales across restoration of the environment, which we define as elemental balance and our approach is also applicable to ecological and veterinary aspects.

5. Environmental Health: Individual’s interaction with the environment and environmental influences on an individual are studied in depth and appropriate interventions are recommended using our specific tools and techniques. Environmental factors include urban, semi urban, forest and animal reserves. The focus can be general on a certain area, city, group, office space, home and locality. Through Aashwasan methods the environment is understood, assessed and addressed at its elemental existence. With the help of various tools and techniques, the society’s impact on nature can be intervened by bringing about an elemental balance in the environment. This can be done by channeling, cleansing, rejuvenating, maintaining and restoring, in turn contributing to the bigger issues like global warming, preservation of natural resources etc. making environment conducive for living. These have implications of eliminating trends of infection, calming minds, facilitating economic and social prosperity and growth among others.

6. Awareness Programs: We are at loss for reasons for epidemic of lifestyle issues such as cancer, lifestyle stress, cardiovascular disease etc. While we know what to do about the symptoms, it somehow does not seem to have the desired effect. Aashwasan conducts awareness to bring in the knowledge of human evolution. Human existence experiences its reality in fragments. We belong to a culture, creed, and race. The knowledge of one’s self is fragmented. Aashwasan through awareness brings out relationship between all these fragments and bring out the essence through filling the gaps between these fragments of knowledge, thereby creating one truth which goes beyond all cultures, belief systems, religions, creed or caste. It is as applicable to individuals as it is to the collective.

7. Empowerment of the Underprivileged & Differently Abled: The society has made norms on what is acceptable and what is not for people to exercise their fundamental rights to sustain and express. People who are not economically, mentally or physically disadvantaged are denied basic privileges of food, shelter and clothing. People who are underprivileged in any area are automatically bracketed under a separate category and deprived of opportunities in employment and betterment of living standards.